Tuesday, 9 August 2011

3000 cuppies for AirAsia!

A month ago, we got a surprising call from AirAsia requesting 3000 cupcakes. They just won the 'Best Airline Award 2011' from Skytrax and guess what, they wanted all those cupcakes in 5 days! So, not only that I panicked, I managed to go out and sniff the flower in the garden to see weather I'm still in my dreams. 

Thankfully, with a last minute planning we managed to pull it off. We had recruited part-time staff to work with us hand in hand for that 5 days! It was tiring..exhausting...but it was all worth it! Just out the pictures we had below for PROOF *wink*

and last but not least.....

to the DOY boys who sacrifices their sleeping hours in order to make THIS happen! 

Congratulations AirAsia for your award! 

1 comment:

  1. 3000 cupcakes!? thats not bad! good job:D

    Cool blog, you got some interesting cakes here :) My mothers 50th birthday is coming up soon, and IM gonna bake her the cakes for her party.... hmm maybe i'll find some inspiration here :) Not that im a pro in any way! But i like to experiment :)
    im a new follower btw! :):)