Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Adorable and profitable weekend!

So many things happened to me this week. I got a few orders and I participated in a bazaar! Yes! It was located at The Boardwalk in Taylor's Lakeside Campus! A new campus and a huge one indeed! That was fun. My heart was beating anxiously because I do not know how people are going to react with me being there, selling my cakes! To my surprise, I blended well there! Just like how I was back in Lim Kok Wing hahahha! So I wanted to show you my previous cakes that I made but blah I can't wait to show you the photos of my sweet adorable cuppies during the weekend bazaar. Here we go!

Taylors Lakeside Campus

The Boardwalk @ Taylors

Our little set up. Pretty simple.

Our little cuppies resting on our very own handcrafted cupcake stand! Weeee!!!

Another DIY cake stand with all the pretty cuppies! 

Our star product! We've got to bake double batter the next day because they were in high demand! 

Can't miss those pretty decorated sugar cookies!

The first type of cake which I started baking when I was only 12. Chocolate Sauce Cake! 

Can you imagine I still could fix some shot while serving? Ha Ha!

A fan and a friend! Loving our Red Velvet! 

And that's how we promote our humble self *wink*


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