Monday, 25 July 2011

Baking No No !

I found this good piece on the website today and I wanted to share them with you. (yippie). Basically it's about common mistakes that we usually make during baking. Now after reading this, I hope it helps you because it does helps me a lot! *wink*

  • Your oven may be heating unevenly — the seals on your oven door can wear out over time and can be easily replaced. If they're not working properly, your cakes won't bake at the right temperature. 

  • Opening the oven while the cake is baking can interrupt the cooking process. Try to resist the urge.

  • Not sifting the flour can result in unevenly cooked cakes, or a lumpy consistency.

  • Adding too much liquid or under/over beating the batter.

  • Using the wrong sized or shaped pan — make sure you always check you have the correct equipment before you start baking.

  • Not allowing the cake to cool adequately before cutting.

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