Saturday, 23 July 2011

little steps to my flavorful journey...

Hello! Welcome to my blog where I would share all sorts of things about myself and my cake arts...Oh how rude I did not even introduce myself *wink*...I'm Nadia...some people call me Nade ( because my FB name is Nadejzda...I love my Russian name to bits!) and my ex college mates call me Naddy.....I'm not a Russian though...I'm a proud Asian!

As you cake enthusiast know, this is my cake blog...I am just starting out since I have noooo idea how to blog...I am good in talking non-stop though (haha)...I've got numerous requests from good friends suggesting that I should start my own here I am ..plain humble me in this big big world *kisses*

That is all for now (as a start). Thank you for dropping by. Do not forget to follow me! My journey is all sweet and sassy!

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