Sunday, 24 July 2011

More edible cakes on the loose!

Here are more of my babies! I mean edible babies..not that I'm imagining eating babies...ummm oh hell....*awkward*

An edible handbag! Many years ago women wore beautiful,elegant handbags to attend any form of soiree..Little that they know hundreds of years later their grandchildren could actually eat those bags! Well I can't eat my Charles & Keith bag but I could surely design the same replica with a Chocolate base and Strawberry Fondant...the glam part of designing cakes is when you paid so much for its design and they tasted so gooooddd *drools now*  

One of my lovely piece...and yes Bride and Bridegroom  armless yes! Rather unique and look at the groom leaning towards the bride...How lucky is she? 

My own version of  'Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)' corset cake...I'm feeling sexy! 

I am going all southern Baroque on this....and yes Baroque designs goes soft with flower bouquet....

I placed this Baby cot cake during my first bazzar at a community college and this made headlines more than the designer herself...hmmm.... 

My ultimate fondness about everything African so here is the African Lady ! 


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